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Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services

Our customers experience exceptional customer service and a complete dedication to a high quality Voice over IP experience.


Do you want to business with the "big guys" and be a number, have no account rep, and offshore support?

Or do you want to do business with Blue Ocean where we know your name, care about your business, and go beyond the norm to help you?

Our team brings an immense amount of experience to the table for you. We started off pulling cable and putting in phone systems in people's businesses and have migrated into Cloud solutions. We actually understand when a router is not configured right or a switch is going bad. We understand that 300 milliseconds is the time it takes to blink your eye and your VoIP latency has to be half that to have a quality VoIP experience.

Our technology is superior with our API (application programming interface) which allows us to write custom interfaces into your software. All our technology is browser based so there are no software downloads to constantly update and will work on any device you use without complicated licensing. 

Our solution was born in the Cloud for the Cloud and lives in the Amazon Cloud. For redundancy we are replicated on multiple servers across the globe.

All inclusive- you get all of our calling features at one price so you can use our services the way you want, when you want, without being nickel and dimed to death.

Business VoIP Designed With Simplicity In Mind

Yet Packed Full Of Cutting-edge Technology

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