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Keeping an online presence that keeps you competitive

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You have it at home, you have it in your office. You carry it in your pocket all day long. 

We’re talking about the World Wide Web, and in 2016, it’s crafting your customer base right before your very eyes. 

As a population, we are more connected now than ever. You use internet at home to stream your favorite movies and view your bank account. In the office, your customer database or agency management system all rely on a solid web connection. You pull your mobile device out of your pocket to pass the time or get driving directions.

Why would your customers not do the same? 

In 2016 and the world of eAgencies, consumer behavior (and we’re ALL consumers) demands an online presence. While many P&C consumers still buy offline, online quoting remains the initial visit point. 

Let’s take a second to highlight some quick tips that can help ensure your online presence keeps you competitive, and helps you get to your ideal customer efficiently.

 1.     Do you have a website?

This is a crucial first step, but it can’t just be something from 1998. (and no, a MySpace page doesn’t count!)           

o   Is it sleek and intuitive for the browser?

How much work does it take for me to request a quote? 

o   Do you have a blog on your site?

A blog provides you the opportunity to create meaningful content that your prospects may find intriguing. Snap some photos at a local community event and write a quick blurb about it. Share a meaningful story from a client (with permission, of course) about why a particular coverage means so much. The ideas are endless, but do not sell here. Build rapport and create a connection. People buy from people they trust. 

2.     Do you have a presence on social media?

o   Facebook’s active users grew 12% from 2014 to 2015. The average time spent on Facebook per visit is 18 minutes. Facebook has over 1.5 billion active monthly users. Are you one of them? 

o   Create a page for your agency and grow a following. Share content that your ideal customer will find interesting. Share your blog posts from your website to social media. Again, it’s all about building rapport here. 

o   Instagram is another great tool. Like Facebook, Instagram continues to see rapid adoption rates, and since it’s visual, it gives you the opportunity to share photos and short video clips (which make for great attention-grabbers!) 

3.     Once you have those two essentials established, are you using mobile advertising to target your prospects?

o   Among social media sites, the biggest advantage you are now afforded is targeted advertising. Have you determined that your ideal customer is a 28 to 35-year-old female with an interest in underwater basket-weaving and gardening? Great! You can create an ad to target just that person on social media! 

While not comprehensive, these few tips should help you minimize the chance that you lose a huge chunk of your business to an online competitor. To rehash: establish your web presence, build a following on social media, and then target those who you deem your ideal customer. And remember, consumers buy from someone they trust! 

Next week, we’ll take a look at what to do once you’ve identified and engaged your ideal customer!

Sources: Facebook, Statistic Brain Research Institute

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