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Insurance in the Digital Age: Are you in the game?

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The incredible adoption of digital capabilities in today's world is changing the way we do things at break neck speed and the insurance industry is right there in the middle of it.

In a recent survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that 

  • 70 percent of the insurance consumers they surveyed conducted some form of digital research before purchasing policies
  • 26 percent us some digital medium to purchase policies
  • 67 percent would be willing to attach a sensor to their car or home to save money (that one baffles me actually)
  • 68 percent would be willing to download and use an app

There is even talk out there of somewhere around 60% of all insurance revenues to be digitally generated by 2020.

Having a digital strategy is a must for survival. Link over here to see what that strategy might look like.


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