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Call Recording part 2 of 3

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Calls are stored securely in your VoIP provider’s cloud in convenient MP3 or WAV format. Users can email, download or audio-stream the recordings to their PC or mobile device and listen using off-the-shelf media player software that comes standard on all computers. Today, interactions with your policy-holders and potential customers are handled almost entirely by phone, through email or over the Internet. The days when most of your business comes from personal face-to-face meetings or walk-in traffic are quickly coming to a close, which has given rise to the need to document those conversations.

Yet, in spite of this transformation, many companies have only a vague idea about how their front—line customer interactions are conducted. A manager might sit next to an agent during a few calls or may use a “listen in” feature to monitor some calls, but not much past that gets done on a regular basis.

Recording calls is now standard industry practice — and your competition is probably already doing it. So, let’s look at a few real reasons to implement a call recording strategy in your agency.


Dramatic Quality Improvement


When every call is recorded, employees are at their professional best knowing that management and others can review their actual conversations at any time. Even on “bad days,” customers are treated with respect and professionalism. And your staff spends less time on unproductive socializing and chit-chat.


Faster Dispute Resolution


Free up management and staff time by resolving disputes before they escalate. Recorded calls allow you to rely on fact-based conversations to eliminate no-win “he said - she said” confrontations. A solid call recording strategy that combines recording calls with regular reviews of those calls can avoid disputes altogether as mistakes can be identified and rectified proactively.


Continuous, real-time feedback for best practices training


Train staff on best practices using real-life recordings stored at your fingertips. Be empowered to immediately coach behavior and improve operational results through effective telephone practices. In-crease morale and reduce churn through ongoing, relevant feedback Review agent and staff performance at your leisure and rate individual calls and store relevant comments with the recordings to facilitate an effective review process. As one customer said, “My telemarketing efforts would be wasted if I couldn't go back and listen to the calls the next day and see who was doing the best job.. .”....






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